ReBoot is not just a series of events. It is a MOVEMENT. Our mission is to educate, motivate, and empower you to make simple changes towards better health and well-being. Our vision is to bring together people and businesses who are dedicated to achieving, and helping others achieve, their best health.

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Reboot My Health offers online and community events that educate, motivate, and empower you to make simple changes towards better health and well-being. See some of our upcoming events below!

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What a wonderful event!  It was informative and enjoyable while not being overwhelming people with too much information. It is refreshing to see a physician take action and hold a successful event that educates the community. -Debbie Angel, Business Development Manager
Lisa Chase, PT, OMPTLisa Chase, PT, OMPT
All the speakers were knowledgeable, and more than that...engaging.  The materials provided continue to be useful months down the line (the planner and the wallet sized shopping guides). The event was impressively organized and smoothly run. The unexpected inclusion of a musician, as one of the presenters, was inspiring and surprisingly apropos. -John Bartone, MD
Lisa Chase, PT, OMPTLisa Chase, PT, OMPT
As a physical therapist I am always trying to seek out opportunities to learn about health and wellness for myself and my clients. In particular, I look for medical and health care providers who have a holistic approach and look for the root cause of disease or dysfunction. I was delighted when I attended Stacy Robinson’s Reboot your Health seminar to learn more about her and her approach to patient care. She is collaborative, insightful and shared valuable information that participants could put into action immediately. We are fortunate to have her expertise in our community and clients as well as health and medical providers can greatly benefit from working with her and her team.  Lisa Chase, PT, OMPTOwner Back 2 Normal Physical Therapy
Lisa Chase, PT, OMPTLisa Chase, PT, OMPTOwner Back 2 Normal Physical Therapy
Dr. Robinson’s ReBoot experience increased my level of awareness on how to take care, not only my own health but also the health of my whole family. I have learned how to boost my energy level, body strength and better focus. I have learned very powerful health paradigm shift from the event. "We don't have to cure what we can prevent - Amazing and powerful education that I recommend for everyone.” -Nabil Esfahani, Entrepreneur, Speaker and Author

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